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Two Party System Bunk

I have an intense aversion towards the two-party system. From my point of view, it's just a tug of war between two parties. To me, there were numerous impressive candidates in the past democratic primary. As someone who is unaffiliated, I couldn't vote for any of them. Both factions seem to favor this form of voter suppression as a way to maintain control. They seized power and maintained it. One by one, the party leadership informed several capable candidates to withdraw and they selected Biden. The sole purpose and objective was to defeat Trump. The expectation was that Biden would establish calm. He did it to some extent.

Those who read my articles may perceive me as a bleeding heart liberal. Rest assured that I am not.. My family belonged to the Republican Party, and I spent 17 years as a conservative myself. While I gained more autonomy from my family's influence, I discovered my beliefs leaned somewhat progressive, not liberal. Bob Dole's nomination as the GOP candidate at the San Diego convention made me cringe.

That particular moment was when I began to pay attention to party control, and it did not sit well with me. The head of the republican woman's caucus defended a woman's right to choose. The powers that be did not take kindly to that. She stood resolutely, surrounded by a group of powerful individuals, and announced that the women's caucus would align with the party's pro-life viewpoint. It was evident from her expression that she had been coerced.

Next, I attempted the Democratic Party. The onset of dark politics sparked a tug of war. I was taken aback after Gore's graceful concession. I changed my political affiliation from Democratic to Independent. My punishment involves being barred from the primary, which is where all the important things happen.

As time went by, I started to think that a two-party system is inadequate. Our liberty demands representation, not pressure into party politics. I refrained from casting my ballot in two successive elections due to my rebellion. My mindset is such that if my vote is nullified from the beginning, I don't care if it's not patriotic.

Trump's demeanor during his initial acquittal was disgraceful. It immediately put me back on course. I can confirm that I have been active. As far as I'm concerned, involvement is the solution when you are dissatisfied with politics. Strive to effectuate changes. I personally experienced the potency of the party system. The words you will endorse this measure was a direct hit. It landed hard.

I found Trump's actions to be shocking. I wondered how on earth this man got elected? Who trusted his malevolent, deceitful, and self-centered lies? That was the point I grasped they aimed for complacency and indifference from many others and me.

I quickly moved past my own ego. Though power comes from within, I am doing my best in this lesser position of influence. My writing and cartoons aim to inspire an individual who has the power to make a change.

At the start of my research on the two-party topic, I searched for the advantages and disadvantages of a two-party system on Google. To make knowledge your power, I strongly suggest reading as much information as possible.

The Fair Representation Act would move US House elections into multi-member districts drawn by independent redistricting commissions and elected through ranked choice voting. Taken together, these three measures would incentivize congressional candidates to appeal to a broader range of voters.

 Don Beyer from the Washington Post 

“This week (six years ago) I introduced the Fair Representation Act, which would make two fundamental changes in how voters elect their representative in the U.S. House . First, it would allow voters to rank the candidates in order of preference, rather than simply voting for their top choice. Some version of this system is already used in many municipalities, and six states have adopted some kind of ranked-choice voting for congressional elections. If your first-choice candidate does not win, your second or third choice may. This spurs candidates to work to appeal to a broader swath of voters, which would calm polarization in many parts of the country.

Second, the Fair Representation Act would change congressional districts into “multi-member districts,” as used in many states for their legislative elections. Think of it as a hybrid between what we have today and Senate seats, in which two people jointly represent a larger area. States with five or fewer House members would elect all their representatives at large. Any state with six or more members would elect representatives in multi-member districts.”

Tell me, what happened? Was this squashed by the people in power? Let's bring it back to the spotlight, in my view. This is the hour when we need it the most.


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