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The Motive of Crime


Punishing harshly won't solve the problem. The reasons behind the why can often be attributed to greed, anger, jealousy, revenge, or pride.. Criminals decide to act a certain way regardless of the outcome. Fact: our behavior can be changed.

Changing the behavior of criminals is the solution to the widespread growth of crime. Changing our behavior requires changing our thinking. Fear is the root cause. I'm wondering what the reason for their fear might be. 

Exploring the reason people commit crimes is the reason for this post.

The top of the list is poverty.

The chasm between the rich and poor is getting larger every day. When individuals can't visualize a solution to their negative mental state, feeling frustrated is a common experience. Poverty has a notable influence in driving people towards criminal activities. The leading cause, as I see it, is economic deprivation. In areas with severe economic deprivation, the chance of criminal activity is higher.

Peers can also be a source of pressure, which is another reason.

Many young people commit crimes because they observe their peers engaging in similar behavior. A lot of high school and college students turn to crime due to their lack of wisdom and experience. If young people don't have the determination to refuse or challenge minor criminal activities, they may end up in serious trouble. Peer pressure is a well-known factor that drives young people to follow the crowd. As adolescents become more independent, their peers have greater influence on their lives.

The most common cause of crime is drug usage.

Drug addiction is rapidly spreading worldwide. An individual who lives an unhealthy lifestyle tends to develop habits that should be avoided. Actions that are not appropriate can result from addiction. Drug addiction often leads to the development of harmful habits that take over one's life. Many violent offenders often cite drugs as the main cause of crime. People resort to drugs to alleviate suffering when they feel powerless and hopeless. They become addicted to the method of escapism provided by the high and continue to repeat it endlessly.

Politicians caused the fifth on the list.

Winning drives politicians to do anything. My description of certain individuals is soulless and greedy, with a focus on winning at all costs. It's crucial to address this issue now despite its past neglect. To secure that seat, politicians resort to taking money and favors. One is to satisfy a lobbyist is to equip the youth with weapons. This factor alone can prompt weaponized individuals to commit criminal acts. Furthermore, the political parties are drafting laws that violate people's rights, resulting in anger and frustration. Failure to tether this leads to more criminal activity.

Let's talk about religion.

Religion is another controversial motive. Everyone must face the fact. Despite being a fundamental human right, many uneducated people struggle to comprehend the freedom to practice one's own religion. in multiple instances, religious fanatics have been accused of killing innocent people due to their beliefs or skin color. People frequently congregate in the name of God and commit crimes.

Family matters can force someone to engage in criminal behavior.

Society expects men to support their families, even if that means committing a felony. When a poor person can't support their whole family, they may consider taking the wrong path to provide for them. Consequently, the majorities of individuals commit a felony and become incarcerated. 

The impact of societal constructs on crime makes the cut.

 In today's society, people value money more than relationships. People striving for success often struggle to distinguish between necessities and desires. Our society's universities are emphasizing the earning of money more than understanding its worth. Thus, people might commit offenses as they cannot differentiate between their wants and needs. Demonstrating affluence to those with less contributes to crime statistics, as they recognize they can never reach that level of status or may resort to criminal activity to do so.

 Unemployment has a huge impact.

The unemployment rate often leads to an increase in crime. It's very frustrating when years of high school and university education fail to secure a job. Regrettably, individuals invest heavily in their education, but rarely find a good job immediately after graduating. Having less can still lead to an uncertain future despite an expensive education.

It's hard to measure deprivation at times.

Small communities often see conflicts arise over land, property, wealth, etc. Many people use crime to make their voices heard. Vandalism during elections is a way for people to express their grievances. People rebel and turn to crime when they are deprived of basic rights, particularly during elections, which they see as their last hope to be heard.

Lady justice's failure is listed as well.

Thousands resort to crime due to the unfairness of the judicial system. When people don’t get justice, they become hostile and often engage in crimes. Many consider the system unfair. Even though most courts do their best to use evidence, wrongful convictions can force innocent people to reveal their unsightly side to the world.


We can aid individuals by assisting them to focus on the future, modify their self-perception, and/or decelerate their decision-making. Knowing someone cares is sometimes all people need.

Experience often shapes a person's thoughts, which in turn, affects their behavior. Furthermore, thoughts can be distorted and fail to reflect reality accurately. Presenting positive options is key to changing our thinking. Positive experiences increase options when making decisions. Choosing positive actions will be more motivating than choosing fear. Crime is a decision. Period.

Consequences result from the choices we make.

If you need help, ask for it.

If you know someone who needs help, give it.

Together with compassion, we can build a better world by separating needs from desires.


Research based on netNews Ledger.












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