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tHE ART of Deflection is Fear

A former President's indictment is one of history's most significant moments. Republicans are committed to holding someone accountable for actions that Donald Trump created.

Elected officials utilize the tactic of shifting blame away from themselves. They aim for you to believe the exact opposite. Unfortunately, a lot of people do.

Are they aiming to make the voting base have a bad impression of the people they are blaming? Does that serve as the motive? Does this recurring pattern catch your attention? I refer to it as the Blame Game.

Those who lay the blame on others want to appear powerful, but it's a cop out. They limit their leadership potential by refusing to take responsibility. Once again, I ask why do we keep electing them into office?

The bottom line is shame is the foundation of finger pointing. This defense mechanism is used to dodge uncomfortable questions. By avoiding and deflecting, they rationalize their actions.

The longer it persists, the more destructive it becomes. It's likely that individuals who associate with this ideology will feel anger, resentment, and judgment. It's likely that character assassinations will follow.

Pointing fingers at your opponents to gain favor with your political base is not a viable strategy. This conduct only result in an increase in public distrust and strengthens politicians' tendency to point fingers at others. Refusing to acknowledge any hint of fault, no matter how small, causes disunity and strife within our nation.

When the ego takes control and neglects to take accountability, you can clearly see the victim mentality. Victimhood ≠ Strength. Simply being an elected official doesn’t make you a leader. Shouldn't we refrain from electing someone with such demeanor?

This plan might give them the perception of winning. Responsibility can’t be evaded forever. Their behavior will result in negative consequences. Within us, integrity, belief, and commitment to true Democracy exist, which they don't anticipate.

I'll simplify it as much as possible and chart it on my compass for you. I don't see this as being a good example of leadership in my humble opinion. Stand by. Witness the unfolding of this momentous occasion in our country's history in the coming days, weeks, and months.


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