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Immigration Systems Matter

A simple conversation with my sister, who lives outside of Seattle, led to this very important issue. She inquired about the planning commissioner's ability to communicate with other commissioners before voting. Having held that position before, I have some knowledge about it. Collusion is what I called it in my hometown. We were not, no. We were only able to compare notes with two out of seven.

She asked me a question because an approved housing program for the homeless was given to newly arrived immigrants from Texas. Self-care is crucial when it comes to developing self-awareness. I take care when posting on social media to express my opinion and encourage thought-provoking change, without imposing my views or claiming they are the only correct ones.

After the call ended, something didn't feel right. A sense of recognition persisted that our country was not engaging in a process of healing. Our first priority was not ourselves. Allowing immigrants to have potential housing while leaving the homeless on the streets was not a solution. It was a Band-Aid.

How would you define an immigrant? It is the process by which individuals obtain permanent residency or citizenship in another country. Large numbers of people are leaving their home countries due to violence, poverty, political repression, and environmental disasters, looking for better and safer prospects elsewhere. It provides a chance to start anew and survive for those who are displaced.

Our outward appearance and whether we seem weak or not to others is of no concern to me. What does concern me is that our citizens are at risk due to disorganization and noncompliance with regulations. Who is responsible for overseeing the Immigration process? Why are thousands being allowed into the country without proper vetting, paperwork, and intentions? Do they intend to become lifelong citizens? If so, then do so.

Overpopulation is a major problem in the US. Our supplies are slowly being depleted. The additional consumption of resources is accelerating climate change. The resources provided to immigrants before us can become a danger for American families on the edge.

Our societal economic construct is severely imbalanced as a result. The wealthy become wealthier, the less fortunate become poorer, and the middle class disappears. A functioning society requires a strong middle class. The increase in immigrants is a cause for concern.

I won't mention diseases like malaria spreading here or how smuggled crime cartel members are affecting our country. We can discuss that at a later time.

It's important to note that taxpayers and our federal government are funding their presence here. My discussion pertains to expenses that involve background checks, processing citizenship applications, and employees assisting with healthcare, housing, and food.

 We need to be compassionate and welcome them. They are fellow humans on the journey we call life. Losing our way is not an option. We must prioritize stabilizing and following the current immigration system. Let's accept that we can only process so much.

In my opinion, every immigrant seeking asylum in our country should obtain proper documentation and become taxpaying citizens like the rest of us. They start businesses, take on undesirable jobs, and fill societal gaps, thereby becoming a positive force in our economy. Thriving is important for all of us. It's crucial that political parties don't exploit immigrants for their own gain.


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