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Madisonian Democracy is a subject that keeps coming up. I have a quote from the man himself that says disarming people is the most effective way to enslave them. The constitution ensures the right to bear arms to prevent enslavement.

Who is really trying to disarm the system of democratic governance? Are the mega republicans or the far left behind the efforts to prohibit firearms through laws?

A compromise is required because action needs to be taken. The statistics on firearm rampages and gun-related fatalities are widely known. From my point of view, it's unnecessary to revisit that topic. We are capable of taking action and should do so. This is the reason why I say this.

In my opinion, citizens should be allowed to bear arms. Our primary focus should be on the person who pulls the trigger rather than on the weapon itself. Adjusting the age restrictions on buying guns could be one of our first achievements. We should do it straight away, it's the least we can do.

The firearm is oblivious to the bearer's intention. What can be done? Perhaps we should address this issue as a mental health crisis primarily, as it is the individuals that need to change. An imaginary scenario would involve a gun reacting negatively towards those with bad intentions. A monitor-like device.

Yet this imagination of mine is not so implausible. The required technology for smart guns already exists. The introduction of the firearm to biometrics means it can recognize the lawful owner of a firearm. If anyone else attempted to operate it, it would become locked. It may not prevent mass gun violence, it could decrease suicides and accidental shootings. Despite the availability of technology, why aren't we using it?

Smith and Wesson agreed to use the advanced methods way back in 2000 after Columbine. The NRA intervened and condemned them. That condemnation had a devastating effect on them. So who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Dickey Dickey Do wasn’t. The CDC's research funding for guns was restricted by legislation introduced by Jay Dickey of Arkansas. Then this. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which shields manufacturers and sellers from civil claims brought by victims of gun violence, was passed due to the strength in numbers of some corrupted legislators. Will enforcing accountability on makers for the misuse of their products encourage them to produce smart guns? Shouldn’t this law be revoked?

 So here we are with possible and probable solutions. Changing the hearts and minds of the individual firing the weapon isn't the only change required. We need to change.

We have to take responsibility for this. It was our responsibility when we elected individuals susceptible to corruption by the NRA into positions of voting power. We gave the NRA power. Now it’s time to take our power back. The time has come for us to stop voting them into office.


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