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Coming together: Is it the Answer?

 I viewed the world through a pessimistic lens, where darkness seemed to overshadow everything. The echoes of my troubled past reverberated through my childhood, pulling me into a deep abyss that persisted for decades. It felt as if the past held the reins of my existence, dictating every aspect of my life. In the suffocating silence of the era’s social construct, my anguished screams were muffled, lost in the void. It felt as if I was trapped in a desolate chamber of isolation, believing I was the sole bearer of this torment. But with time, a bitter realization dawned upon me, like a heavy fog lifting, revealing the truth. Others, too, had been ensnared in this web of despair. Our innocence, like a fragile blossom, had been callously plucked away, leaving us scarred and wounded.

In the recent past, I am aware that my videos and cartoons have departed from innocence and instead fostered division. They have shed light on the dark, sinister aspects of politics, exposing a side of me that I have become all too familiar with. As I embarked on my creative journey, I felt the weight of my inner turmoil, that part of us that seeks healing lift. The deafening silence of my screams had finally dissipated. Determined, I yearned to make a profound impact. I longed to find someone influential in the media, envisioning their ability to amplify my messages like a powerful symphony. This amplification, I believed, would enable others to truly perceive the intricacies of the game. And so, with a resolute heart, I took that decisive action, driven by a burning desire to unveil the raw truth concealed within the game.

I can see the media gradually shifting in that direction, with news headlines flashing across screens and journalists typing furiously on their keyboards. The sound of cameras clicking and reporters interviewing fills the air. The smell of ink and freshly brewed coffee wafts through the bustling newsroom. I can feel the excitement and anticipation as the media embraces this new direction.

 I no longer see the necessity of persisting with that particular focus. I seek and will support individuals with unwavering character, like sturdy oaks standing tall amidst a bustling city. Their motives for running for office are as clear as a pristine mountain stream, shimmering in the morning sunlight. I yearn for candidates and elected officials with the strength of mind, their determination resonating like the soothing sound of crashing waves against the shore.

How did I find the willpower to pull myself free from the dark abyss, amid the deafening silence that engulfed me, the stench of despair lingering in the air?

Drawing on the dynamic of my extended family, particularly my father’s Italian side, provided me with a wellspring of strength and courage. Within our pack, my grandfather reigned as the revered leader, donning many hats, including that of a skilled cook. Our daily routine revolved around the eagerly anticipated evening dinner, a gathering that often swelled to accommodate 18 people in our spacious abode. The dining room, situated at the front of the house, nestled at the junction of a bustling main street and tranquil side streets, with the soothing scent of the ocean wafting in the background. Prior to the feast, each of us diligently tackled our assigned chores, a vital endeavor to sustain such a sizable group. To maintain order and harmony, we meticulously planned our seating arrangement, ensuring that my grandfather occupied one end of the table while my father took his place at the other. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and a sea of siblings eagerly congregated, creating an incredible dining experience. As the meal drew to a close, the air buzzed with lively word games and spirited conversation. These cherished moments often extended into the late hours of the night, as we basked in the joy of one another’s company.

The charming house stood along the pathway that meandered towards the sandy beach. As the hours stretched on, a steady stream of individuals passed by, their footsteps creating a soft rhythmic melody on the pavement. The gentle breeze carried the muffled sounds of laughter from the open windows, reaching the ears of those strolling down the street. Did their curiosity pique about the bustling activities within the grand Big House nestled on the corner near the beach? It was a common sight to see them, peering in with eager anticipation. From within, I held onto the vibrant dynamics of those moments, a lifeline that helped me navigate through a challenging period. However, the experience that once brought me solace no longer exists in my life, as my family members have either departed from this world or moved away, and the next generation shows no interest in preserving it. How many families have forgotten the profound significance of sharing meals together?

In this current phase of my life, I have come to realize that family extends beyond blood relations. It encompasses those kind-hearted souls who exude endless laughter and happiness. I ponder whether reintegrating this sense of unity could alleviate the prevailing darkness that permeates our social construct. I hold steadfast faith that by collectively focusing on what truly matters, we can initiate powerful global change. And so, this marks the genesis of it all.

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