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Actions have Consequences

Our experiences shape who we are. Those experiences influence our decisions. Each decision made has its own set of consequences.

Kevin McCarthy made several decisions, including reneging on commitments he made. Those decisions have consequences.

Donald Trump decided to deny his election defeat. He made decisions to incite violence. He now experiences the consequences of those actions.

Donald Trump decided to take classified documents he was not entitled to take home with him. He now is experiencing the consequences of those actions.

Donald Trump decided to submit fraudulent documents regarding his business. He is now experiencing the consequences of those actions.

Matt Gaetz decided to use bravado and entitlement to influence the House of Representatives. He may not experience it just yet, but his consequences are coming.

Lauren Boebert decided to allow her sexual proclivity to dominate her actions so publicly. There will be consequences.

Marjorie Taylor Green decides to make incendiary comments, spreading baseless attacks on democratic opponents and she too will experience the consequences of those actions.

Santos decided to lie about who he is and there will be consequences to those actions.

The decision for the federal government to pass the migrant issue to New York City will one day soon have its consequences, like costing them the election in 2024.

The democratic party decided to control their party and the narrative and the consequences are that they have ignored real issues and the people are disillusioned by it.

The decision for us the people to bury our heads in the sand and blame others for the chaos in our democracy will also have consequences. Like living in an autocratic society.


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