A Short Video as an Introduction

A compass is defined as a device to be used to determine geographical direction especially by a magnetic needle horizontally mounted and free to pivot until aligned with the magnetic field of the earth.

The Compass Rose is directional information found on navigational charts used by navigators to plot courses.

The Theory is a self-help model aided by a diagram of a circle with a cross and its magnetic points. Each of the four directions create quadrants which in turn depicts right vs. left, above vs. below. Each section give the reader the authors perspective on how our darker side to our nature is triggered by fear.

The reader can bring himself or herself to a greater understanding of how these behaviors are present in our daily life.

Through the use of the compass

diagram the user is given tools to chart their own course to more positive behavior patterns.

In addition to this clear understanding of our own dark nature, food is introduced on the chart to teach the user the profound effect food has on our behavior patterns. Food is illustrated as a medicinal and helpful tool to help us chart our course to a more positive life experience. "We eat to live, rather live to eat."

Online classes will be available by April 1, 2020 specifically targeting behavior patterns for women who have been abused . In my own healing on this subject, I transferred all that I learned from specialists, workshops, and books to the compass. Because I am a visual learner and a sailor, I created  The Compass Rose Theory as my guide.

The Introduction to this course is titled, " The Lost Voice of Eve."


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