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Sister Love - Cuomo and his Eleven.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

On August 3, 2021, Letitia James, Attorney General for the State of New York, issued a precision strike against Andrew Cuomo, Governor. Normally I respect direct hits. No reason to skirt an issue: get right to the point, I say. On this day in August, her strike accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual allegations on 11 counts. She concluded her one-sided investigation with the remark, "I believe the women." She is planning a run for Governor and setting up her base of women to ensure their vote. Do not be disillusioned that this is anything other than using women for their vote. Isn't that abuse? Wake up, folks!

First, let's do a bit of a dive into James herself. Entering Politics in New York City as a progressive, she aligned herself with the Working Family Party. Through her 15 years, she garnered a lot of grassroots support. But she never had money to breakthrough. And the question is, how strongly had her ambitions dominated her mindset?

James, herself, answered the question. After she won the right as a public advocate for NYC, the stepping stone to the mayor, yes, suffice it to say she had higher ambitions.

In 2018 when the then AG stepped down, the word was she wanted in. But how. Enter stage left Governor Andrew Cuomo. As savvy as savvy can be, he, too, issued his precision strike, right at her. He offered to endorse her and allow her access to his funding network. But it came at a price; she had to renounce WFP, and her buddy Cynthia Nixon and embrace Cuomo and the Democratic Party. At what cost? And to whom? Who ultimately paid the price for that deal?

Having been educated in the behavior sciences and experienced in organizational behavior dynamics, I believe that she resented the hell out of selling her soul to the devil of greed and winning at all costs. It's hard to live with oneself, looking in the mirror and see the two sides of our soul. Hard to take. So when the opening showed itself, she pounced. She was able to get Cuomo to open an investigation - it had to come from the Governor. And then stealthy and strategically, she investigated to support one outcome only - take Cuomo, a man she resents out. Do it fast, without mercy, and do it publicly.

It is a fact she never allowed Cuomo's defenses access to any information, Nor did she compile it in a fair and just way - part of the due process. Nope. She asked only specific questions and corroborated some, not all, of the statements from others, proving that collusion existed to provide their revenge attack. An attack of eleven whose wound of unworthiness revealed itself in living color. And, of course, Cuomo was made to be blamed for their unworthy nature. No responsibility or accountability on their part. James made sure that they would not have to answer for their allegations. Not only did she NOT give the accused his right to face his accusers, but she planned her announcement, then distributed the results of the announced conclusions to legislators and the press. Never to the accused. Fair Justice? I think not. So one has to look below the line to understand why? What is her fear? And you all know that I am about fear vs. love.

So that brings to me why Chuck Schumer and a plethora of democrats who eat their own alive, so quickly and adamantly. Could it be SALT? You know the double taxation Trump imposed upon New Yorker's. And then Cuomo was able to obtain promises from Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden to support the repeal of Salt. However, once they delved into the matter, they realized what a cash cow SALT was, and rather than break their promise, they chose to break the man by disavowing him. Politics. As Ugly as ugly gets. Again, fear-driven behaviors, which in the end, will bit them in the butt. So from the Democrats: it was Salt and turning a blind eye to James' ambitions. After all, she was a democrat now. And they desperately need another Democratic Governor.

The fact that New York is a blue State is inconsequential to this issue. No, they need to thwart a direct frontal attack from the Republicans. Two reasons, one protect their anarchist King. Deflect the press away from his legal woes, which are going to bite him in the butt. Secondly, to ensure power and control, they need a republican governor without care as to the majority vote. Why? Because the Governor controls the electoral college. The Governor appoints their electors. A Governor can influence which way the electors vote regardless of the popular vote. Hence, take out Cuomo. They are working in California. Next will be Michigan, then Pennsylvania. Four electoral power states can ensure a republican election in 2024.

Cuomo has four shotguns aimed at his head: 1) Letitia James and her ambition, 2) democrats needing to save face on SALT and take him out to do so. 3) republicans to ensure the electoral vote and deflect for DJT. 4) the wound of being rejected by some wounded women who wanted to feel important, worthy because the Governor paid attention to them. When he was nice and most likely enamored with all of this attention as a single man. Then his 40 years of training and discipline kicked in, and he went back to business. Their wounded egos could not handle it. I say this from my wound as a woman who experienced sexual assault and physical assault and lived with it for over forty years before seeking help. In my day, we learned how to scream silently.

Today those screams are loudly reverberating. But these eleven are not coming from a place of healing. I know. The women are in the belly of the beast roaring with a vengeance. Fear. Not Love. Love wins. Always.

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