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Angels Without Footsteps.

Often angels appear with a message, then disappear without footsteps.

There was a story of a man who appeared in a blizzard at a hotel in early 1900s. Looking for a room.

No rooms available as it was New Years Eve and the weather was inclement.

The hotel owner's wife didn't want to give him a spare room with all her valuables. The owner insisted, he would not turn him away.

That night, the person stoking the coal in the furnace had too much to drink and stoked the furnace to the point a fire 

started in the chimney.  The smoke came through to the spare room, and the stranger alerted the building to evacuate.

The hotel burned to the ground, and no one was hurt.

The stranger was no where to be found. Disappeared.

The hotel owner took his family and moved to the shore far away and flourished with new hotel/restaurant. The wife died young.

80+ years later the granddaughter of that hotel owner recalled the long ago night and wondered where that stranger came from and disappeared to - that saved the lives of so many..

Angels appear, then leave with no footprints it seems.

This is a true story. The owner and his wife were my grandparents who owned the hotel just outside of Pittsburgh where it burned to the ground. As my Aunts and Uncles told me they spent most of their time trying to save their Christmas presents until they were forced out of the burning building. They moved to Atlantic City where my grandfather would go on to own five hotels during the prohibition years and was featured in Boardwalk empire as one of Nucky Johnston's lieutenants.

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