Chapter 1: Shelter for All

Chapter 1A: Sanitation

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Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler

The Future Is Better Than You Think

What's it about?

Abundance explains why our current predicament is not as gloomy as we believe it to be and presents a compelling case for ways in which we could have a future marked by abundance and not scarcity. It takes readers on a whistle-stop tour of transformative technologies, their key players and a glimpse of how these technologies could be employed to solve many of the resource problems we face today. Above all, this book reminds readers that it’s an interesting and exciting time to exist.

These videos are based on an interpretation of what the creator feels are important issues that need to be dealt with first in order to create a thriving community of people - the heart to any successful City.

Chapter 2: Hunger

Chapter 3: Clean water

Chapter 4: Safety