White Horse Flying Publications is a multi-level company producing stories for both adults and children. WHF will  provide training videos and workshops at some future date to facilitate awareness of action and a blog site to support the learning process.

The Deed of Greed
The Dark Side of the America's Cup


The Deed of Gift governs the rules and regulations of the America's Cup races, the oldest sporting event. It was ambiguosly written in 1851 to allow for broad interpretation. Over the years this loose language has caused contention and litigation leading to an event rife with excessive greed and corruption.


The trophy left, came back, left and again is now back in the hands of the ultimate billionaire boys club member.

How To Tell Your Wife You Want Sex
using signal flags


Starting out as a joke on race committee during a sailing regatta, the principal characters of this story were awarded flags at the end of year awards banquet which turned into this book. Primarily for sailors, this book educates the reader on what each signal flag really means in nautical terms as well illustrated as a joke.




Will be available June 2020.

Queenie, on her daily rounds to inspect the hive, discovers that her worker bees are starting to get sick. She tries everything she can to save her hive. Then Mr Wasps comes by begging for some honey and tells her the devastating news of how his hive was destroyed. Queenie with the help of Mr Drone, comes up with a plan to save her bees.

Freckles is the 2nd book in the Tree of Life Series.

As the 2nd book in this series, with a focus on environment, Freckles, a feisty Calico cat, learns how to escape being part of a food chain while learning how to let go of her natural instincts to perpetuate her food chain. Living with Missy for 20 years, they both learn how to communicate and intereact with each other.


 ISBN: 978098356476-8

"I am an elementary –schoolteacher, so I am always looking for new, quality children’s books to share with my students. There are a couple of images that still make me smile after putting the book down…when Freckles flies through the air, when she actually laughs, and when she finally gets it, sleeps at night, and gets food in the morning. It is a loose introductory teaching tool about the food chain."


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